Dyson, Inc. filed suit against Cornucopia Products in the District of Arizona to enforce design and utility patents directed to a bladeless fan.  The design patents at issue, D602,143 and D605,748, both claim the ornamental design for a fan, as shown to the right.  The D142 patent claim includes a cylindrical base, whereas the D748 claim is not limited by a base.

The utility patents at issue, 8,052,379 and 8,092,166, claim fan assemblies.

An image of Dyson's 12 inch fan is shown below alongside an image of the alleged infringing product.

Dyson's complaint alleges that 

The copying of Dyson’s fan is so pervasive that many parts of Cornucopia’s fan are interchangeable with the corresponding parts of Dyson’s fan.  For example, Cornucopia’s cylindrical air nozzle fits perfectly and locks into Dyson’s base.  And Dyson’s cylindrical air nozzle fits perfectly and locks into Cornucopia’s base.

Dyson's complaint further alleges that "Cornucopia’s copying of Dyson’s fan even extends to the number and position of screws for various parts, . . . the precise shapes of intricate internal components, which were designed by Dyson engineers," and "the figures of Dyson’s operating manual and assembly guide."