The seventh annual USPTO Design Day, which discusses current issues in design patent law, will take place on April 23, 2013. The program is open and free to all, but registration is recommended via:

Recaps of Design Day 2011 and Design Day 2010:

Design Day 2011

Design Day 2010

In keeping with Design Day’s history of discussing recent trends in industrial design and their impact on design patent prosecution and global patent strategy, topics to be addressed this April include:

  • How the USPTO is preparing to examine applications filed under the Hague Agreement,
  • Rules and techniques relating to claiming icons and graphical user interface in the US and Japan,
  • Value Microsoft places on its design patent portfolio,
  • Design patents in post grant proceedings, and
  • Best practices aimed at obtaining the strongest protection of industrial designs in the US.
A wrap up of important design patent decisions since Design Day 2012, including the Apple v. Samsung smart phone litigations, is expected to close the event.