By Philippe Signore
| February 22, 2010
Philippe Signore was recently interviewed on Oblon, Spivak's Patents Post Grant Law Blog. The text of that interview is below.

Design patents are significantly different from utility patents in that design patents do not protect function, but instead, protect ornamental features.  Design patent are defined in scope by the content of the drawings  as opposed to the words of a set of claims. Further, design patents are accorded a patent term of 14 years from issue, as opposed to 20 years from filing.


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By Edward W. Tracy Jr.
| January 7, 2010
Edward Tracy, Jr. of Oblon, Spivak has been appointed the new vice-chair of the IPO Design Rights Committee.

This is the highest position that an outside counsel can reach within a committee since only in-house counsels can be elected chairs of IPO committees. This appointment supports our firm being recognized as a leader in the field of industrial designs.